This Mountain is My Home


    A Mountain Musical  

This musical was written in 2002 as an Appalachian Mountain Musical.  The story line and music was written to depict the emotions of a cantankerous old senior confronted with the decision of leaving his mountain home and moving into a community care center in town.  The thought of leaving his home for a care center is more than he can bare.  He finds solace at an old stone altar that three generations of his family have built from stones “picked” in the fields. The breaking of his will comes when his granddaughter, “Shady Grove” finally convinces him that for the safety and well being of his wife, he must leave this mountain home to live out his days at the care center.  After wrestling with this decision he finally gives in, but not without a struggle.  This story line is taken from real life experiences I have witnessed while living in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  The musical has an interesting balance between humor and touching confrontations.

The musical has 12 ballads and bluegrass songs written for the script and is augmented by a number of traditional Public Domain Bluegrass songs.  

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